Lily (threeeyespei) wrote,

Lalalalala~ My new graphics comm pimp^ ^

Hello~, my friends^ ^
I am back................well, for a little whileXDD
I set up a brand new graphics comm named polaroidism.
Actually, I've been keep "building" it since FebXDD
And I decided post my resources there too, so...since I'm a lazy (and being busy recently) person,  I'm so sorry to say that my old resources comm la_coveted is closed.
Hope members of la_coveted won't bite me....
(sorry for poor grammar...I'm such a bad student...) it is. dang-la~~
If you're interet, please click it to watch it for future update^ ^
Hope to see you there~

New graphics preview

And one icon textures set

all @ polaroidism
Tags: other stuff:murmur
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