August 15th, 2008

Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

Twilight + Gossip Girl fanmixes + 49 icons

EDIT:fanmixes links are up
I'm soooo sorry to bring you so much trouble@____@
And I also fixed the mis-spelling of "The Heart Breaker" fanarts.
Gosh, I'm too hurry to even notice them...thankies for the friends who reminded me~

And please comment if you take anything...that's the biggest power for me to make graphics.
Thank you~

Hello, my dear friends, how have you been?
I planed to make some textures with this post, but I found that it's a little hurry for me, cause I will be busy from tomorrow to next Tuesday...
So...I won't have more time to make post if I really made textures.....sorry.

I fanally made another fanmix!!
And there are TWO fanmixes!!
And "Twilight" fanmix fanart has THREE versions!
Can you believe it? I know, I am totally insaneXDDD
But...I am definately not a master of I make fanmix, I will choose my songs from old albums or some good songs I love from my fav band like "Evanescence"...and you know what? I really think the songs of Evanescence are made for Twilight series<3333
Gosh, they're simple AWESOME!!
And...I have to admit that there are a loooooot of repeat songs in "The Heart Breaker"(a Blair/Nate/Chuck fanmix) and "I Can't Take My Mind Off You"(a Bella/Edward/Jacob fanmix)...sorry, I'm not lazy(at least not in this situationXDD), it's just like what I've said "I'm not a master of musics"XDD

I also made 49 icons, some of them are inspired by fanmixes fanarts.
Hope you like them~

Content list:
[fanmix 01] The Heart Breaker:a blair/nate/chuck fanmix
[fanmix 02] I Can't Take My Mind Off You:a bella/edward/jacob fanmix x 3
[icon 01-34] fanmix icons + leighton meester + gossip girl:B + B/C
[35-49] fanmix icons

Rules and Notes:
If you like my works, please comment, cause your comment is my biggest power^__^
If taking/using, please comment, it's just let me know what you like or take, and CREDIT ME, please.(If using the banner/header, please credit me in your profile, thank you)
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The Heart Breaker:a blair/nate/chuck fanmix

I Can't Take My Mind Off You:a bella/edward/jacob fanmix





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